Invoices are issued termly with part-payment options. Children will not be allowed to swim unless payment/part-payment has been made.

Aqua Duckings & Aqua cygnets £5.65 per 30 minute session.

Aqua swimmers & Stage 1 - 5 Classes £5.65 per 30 minute session.

Stage 6/7 Classes £8.00 per 60 minute sessions.

One to one private lessons £17.50 per 30 minute session.

Two to one lessons £10 per child per 30 minute session.
Rookie Lifeguards £7.00 per 45 minute session.
Adult learn to swim £7.00 per 45 minute session.

All classes are charged per term in advance.

Autumn Term 2019

Monday September 2nd - Saturday December 14th.

Half term break is Monday October 14th - Sunday October 27th (2 weeks)

All swimmers will swim for 13 weeks.

Your child is not covered by our insurance until receipt of payment and therefore will not be permitted into a class.

 All swimmers are provided with their first Aqua tec swimming hat free of charge. Replacement hats can then be purchased for £3.00. To prolong the life of your child’s swimming hat we recommend that you rinse the hat in cold water after each use, and sprinkle a very small amount of talc inside once dry.

Terms and Conditions

A. Swimmers

All our swimmers are required to wear a swimming cap for hygiene reasons. A White swimming cap will be issued free of charge per booking. Further caps will be required to be white and can be purchased from Aqua tec, which are available on request. 

Pupils and parents are responsible for their own possessions eg. goggles, phone, tablets etc.

Parent/Guardians you are responsible for yourself at all times, and your child's safety pre and post lesson times.

Instructors should be notified of any medical conditions on enrollment.

Swimmers and parent/guardians are required to follow the pool rules at all times.

Although we have a lifeguard present please ensure you watch your child's lesson as an added precaution.

Lesson fees include the cost of 1 ASA certificate. A child may achieve multiple certificates in one term, these extra certificates are charged at £3.00 each.

B. Payments

Payments are to be made within 7 days of place allocation, preferably by BACS.  If payment is not received within this time frame then your space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Fees are not refunded or transferred in the absence of attendance.

Should an instructor be unwell or unable to attend a lesson, a cover instructor will be provided. If this is not possible we reserve the right to cancel the lesson and the lesson fee will be deducted from the following terms fees.

In the occurrence of adverse weather conditions or a pool break down you will receive a call or text to notify you that lessons are cancelled. The lesson fee will be deducted from following terms fees. 

C. Pool Rules and Regulations

Please ensure your child does not eat for at least 1 hour before their lesson. Failure to do so could result in vomiting.If they are sick in the water the session will have to finish immediately ,the pool will need urgent treatment and it will have to close for approximately 24 hours.

Please ensure your child is changed, having been to the toilet, and ready on poolside for the start of their lesson. Please also encourage your child to blow their nose before their lesson and shower off any body creams, hair product and mud.

Jewellery is a hazard and must not be worn during a lesson.

Swimmers must all swim with white swimming hats. swimming hats are available from Lisa and Kathryn.

Swimmers and spectators must not run on poolside.

Swimmers must not enter the water until they are instructed to do so by their teacher.

Siblings MUST be kept with you at all times and are not allowed to play anywhere in the pool area.

If anyone is found causing any damage to property or goods the cost of any repair levied by Aqua tec swim school or De Lisle College will be passed on to that person for payment.

Children of 8 years or more should change in the appropriate changing room, either on their own or with a parent or guardian of the same sex. Children under the age of 8 years old should change in the changing room that matches the sex of the accompanying adult. Therefore there will be no need for adult males to be in the female changing rooms and adult females to be in the males changing rooms, unless they are Aqua tec staff. If children wish to use the toilet during their lesson they should be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

There should be no photography or filming whilst lessons are taking place.If you would like to take a photo please speak to Lisa or Kathryn. Bear in mind that you should never include other children in the shot.

Aqua tec customers are not permitted to enter further into the school than the swimming pool area. They must not enter any class rooms or corridors that lead from the swimming pool into the school.

Please always ask permission if you would like to take photographs of your children in the pool.