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  • Parents and swimmers please wait in your cars until 5 minutes before the start of your lesson.
  • Children come to the pool beach ready (already in swimwear, hat and goggles) with any over layers removed, to be left with their parent/guardian.
  • Swimmers must bring their own, named bottle of hand sanitiser onto poolside.
  • Swimmers must not enter the pool until they are instructed to by the lifeguard. Please remain in the corridor behind the double doors and children will be called in to the pool area when their teacher is ready for them.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to use the toilet before their lesson, on their way to poolside.
  • Strictly ONE parent/guardian per family to sit in the seat assigned to them by the lifeguard, however spectators are encouraged to wait in the car if possible.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to wear a face mask when moving throughout the building. This can be removed when seated on poolside.
  • Outdoor shoes are strictly forbidden unless covered by blue overshoes. Preferably, please bring a pair of flip flops or aqua shoes with the sole purpose of wearing them on poolside.



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  • Strict social distancing rules are adopted in the pool in line with government advice.
  • Swimmers will be kept in small social bubbles throughout sessions and will remain in the bubble in our phase 1 return.
  • Poolside markers are used to reinforce social distancing measures during the lesson.
  • No congregation of swimmers (or parents/guardians) in hallways and changing rooms before, after or during lessons. Please enter and leave the building swiftly.
  • Sanitiser to be used by teachers and swimmers before and after each lesson.
  • One-way systems are in operation when moving between classes.
  • No physical contact (including by teacher) unless an emergency situation arises.
  • There is a strict one way system to be followed through the changing rooms and pool hall.


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  • Everyone entering the pool hall must sanitise hands, please ensure swimmers bring a named bottle of hand sanitiser to every lesson.
  • Outdoor shoes must not be worn on poolside.
  • Bins will be emptied and cleaned every evening.
  • Lesson equipment will be sterilised after each lesson.
  • Swimmers should cough or sneeze into elbow.
  • Door handles, toilets and changing room benches will be disinfected regularly.
  • Doors will be left open where possible.
  • Water bottles should be clearly marked with child’s name and not shared between friends.
  • Equipment which can’t be cleaned easily will not be used at this time.
  • Goggles will not be available to borrow during phase 1 of our return.
  • All belongings must be taken home at the end of your child’s lesson.


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  • Teaching equipment will be removed and sanitised after each lesson.
  • Teachers will be provided with PPE when necessary (teachers are not required to wear PPE when teaching at a safe distance, however if an emergency arises masks and gloves will be worn).
  • Wellness checks will be completed for teachers each day.
  • Teachers will be included in our track and trace system.
  • There will be no physical support between teacher and swimmer during lessons at this time unless in an emergency.
  • Teachers will teach from the poolside where deemed safe, depending on the swimmers in each group.
  • Teachers will be expected to socially distance in line with government guidance.



  • Participants and or family members exhibiting any symptoms of the illness are not permitted in the pool.
  • Participants or family members who have travelled internationally from areas where a 14-day quarantine is required are not permitted in the pool throughout the quarantine period.
  • If a swimmer or a teacher exhibits any symptoms during the class, they will be isolated until picked up to go home and the swimmers in their “social bubble” will be informed. The required ‘track & trace’ measures will then be implemented.

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